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These are some of the fastest and free DNS servers. The DNS does the job of translating those domain names into IP addresses. For example, a domain name such as can be Articles in this section.

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Are you looking for the Best DNS for PS4 ? Using the wrong DNS on your PS4 can make unbearable ping spikes which would just destroy the gaming mood you have. DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is used to convert Internet names into actual IP addresses. For instance, when you go to "", your are really connecting to an IP address that is mapped through DNS to a number such as The PS5 is still a new piece of tech, and error codes seem to be a common issue. Among them is code NW-102307-3 , where the system  The pop-up message will often say that the DNS server can’t be used. In most instances, you can fix NW-102307-3 by restarting Find discord servers tagged with PS4 using the most advanced server list.

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To update the DNS values on your PS4, power on your console and log in to your account. Use your controller to navigate through the Home page to the Settings icon and open it. Once you’re on the Settings page, you’ll find the Network Settings option. DNS stands for Domain Name System there is no need to delve into the technical specification, but in short, it is a system for converting a domain name into an IP address.

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